Dr André Smuts has developed training programs given seminars and written international best practice manuals.

The essence of the programs are centred on workplace wellbeing and how to create psychologically safe spaces wherein individuals and organisations can attain sustainable and meaningful flourishing.


He is the author of the book ‘Wisdom and Wellbeing’

The book is a study and integration of the great intellectual traditions of the axial age and where they converge with modern psychological, sociological and neurological findings.

The aim of the book is to give readers access to cultivate a diversity mindset by exploring the broader philosophical, cultural and scientific perspectives on what defines a life well lived through self instantiated meaning.

He is currently busy writing “Paths of Mastery: Beyond Self and Circumstance”. This book combines the three disciplines of Conflict Management, Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence.


Creator of the I.AM. (Integral Archetypal Measure)

The system measures both individual and group characteristics, as a tool to delineate and predict individual and group behavioural patterns.



Bachelors degree in philosophy

A Masters degree in divinity (comparative religions) and completed his PhD in Transpersonal Counselling.

Internationally certified corporate coach, with the Global Institute of Organizational Coaching.
Internationally certified Micro and Subtle Expression Expert, his areas of specialty are in paralinguistic deception detection.

Written extensively on Narrative Therapy as it relates to the field of Analytical Psychology and the modern contextualization of Classical Mythology

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