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Thrifa / Thrive - (verb)

Origin & History: Thriving comes from the verb thrive, from middle English “Thriven”, origins in Old Norse root word. þrífask, which means both “thrive” and “grasp to oneself”, from þrífa (Thrifa), “to clutch or grasp”.

Meanings: To seize, grasp, take hold, prosper. To go forward, to grow, to be strengthened, to be successful.

Don’t Settle For Less

The Work of getting things to Work


There are currently several multi-billion, multinational blue-chip companies as well as independent micro-enterprises who have increased their profits, grown their companies and been saved millions by using Thrifa’s best in class Ombuds and Executive Coaching solutions. All Stakeholders whether owners, shareholders, employees, leaders, customersor suppliers are reaping the benefits.

How does Thrifa’s Wellbeing Ombuds & Executive Coaching benefit your Business?

When the way the problem is seen is the problem:

Who hasn’t had a problem at work where it would have been helpful to talk with an experienced, knowledgeable, qualified individual “off-the-record”? Think of it: anyone – at any level – can contact an Organizational Wellbeing Ombuds as a resource, thought-partner, sounding board or personal coach and still maintain complete control of their issue while getting the help they need.

Our clients tell us they are proud they have an Organizational Wellbeing Ombuds as much for well-being promotion as for conflict neutralisation.

Knowing that a safe, off-the-record resource exists for the benefit of everyone – employees and the organization is a considerable competitive advantage.


Dealing with hard issues is what gets you solid results:

  • Do you believe that staff-related issues have a direct or indirect impact on the degree to which your business will succeed or fail?
  • Do you believe that employees have issues at work they don’t know how to address?
  • Do you believe that many of those employees ultimately decide it’s too risky to raise their concern?
  • Do you believe that good employees leave the company rather than try and address conflicts at work?
  • Do you believe that Companies who know about and have a chance to address systemic issues are better off than those who don’t?
The bottom line is the bottom line:

Dont just take our word for it-Independent research has shown that making an Organizational Ombudsman available to your employees can deliver many tangible and intangible benefits.

  • A decrease in the incidence and cost of litigation and the cost of using formal internal processes
  • An increase in overall productivity and less management time spent on conflict.
  • Increases in employee conflict management skills
  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction as well as pride in the organization.

Charge Forward

Cultivating Powerful People

At Thrifa we coach individuals to get good at the things that are proven to bring success and wellbeing to all of their endeavors.


•  Function with Enhanced Conscientiousness
•  Think with increased Problem-Solving Capacity
•  Be driven towards Continual Optimisation
•  Engage in Pro-active Goal Directed Behaviour
•  Self-Cultivate Fluid Cohesive Teams
•  Create a Thriving Culture of Caring Contribution
•  Work as Givers not Takers
•  Stay at the Innovative Edge of Expertise
•  Be Motivated by their Own Accomplishments
•  Engage in work with a sense of Purpose
•  Be Resilient in the face of Challenges
•  Make Healthy Personal Choices
•  Take Responsibility and Ownership


Conflict Intervention and Mediation

Corporate Culture Mapping

Optimizing Team Performance

Personal Development

Structure and Complete Personal goals

Leadership development

Communication for Executive Presence

Critical Business Skills for success

Entrepreneurs practical tools to accelerate growth


What We Can Do For You

When dealing with challenges a key component of getting to the right answers lays in asking the right questions. Having the correct information and perspective is vital to not only solving the problem but also in mitigating the damage that can be done by approaching things ill equipped.

At Thrifa we have spent many years developing and refining our questions so that we can assist our client in getting to the right solutions. As such, much of our work with leaders and individuals works lockstep with a bank of assessments and questionairs and feedback modalities that ensure we can assist the coachees in crafting solutions curated around their ‘as lived’ experience and goals.

Enhance Employee Resilience

Tried and tested strategies to improve productivity, creativity and collaboration.

Expand Critical Reasoning Capacity

Enhanced problem solving. Strategic discernment.

Embed Conflict Neutralisation

Ability to diminish negative consequences of conflict.
Move from conflict to collaboration
Avoid pitfalls of conflict.

Empowered Communication

Enhanced negotiation and influence.

Organisational Strategic Alignment

Assess all team members, to establish, orient, align and direct the corporate culture.

Individual Strengths Profiling

Integral archetypal measuring of individuals team rolls, conflict styles, strengths, values. To increase productivity, performance.

About the Founder

Dr André Smuts

Dr André Smuts has garnered extensive experience in the Corporate and Private Consulting arena as an Ombudsman, Mediator, Facilitator, Counselor, Coach and Corporate Performance Consultant to business leaders and multinational companies.
His main areas of focus have been:

  • Conflict Intervention and conflict resolution process at board level
  • Cultural mapping and organizational transformation programs.
  • Assist organizations in analysing areas of human capital strengths and weaknesses.
  • Facilitate the initiation of new culture development processes
  • Creating elective leadership learnership campaigns with professional growth mentoring
  • Aligning the management and staff with the vision and strategy of the organisation.

Clients and recommendations

Client Testimonials

Bidcorp Food Africq

André Smuts has worked on various projects for Bidcorp Food Africa and one of the group companies Crown Food Group, of which the outcomes were very positive and added value to the Management involved. I, therefore, can recommend André for his pragmatic and thorough processes followed, to offer real solutions to quite difficult problems he was confronted with.

Klaas Havenga

Chief Executive, Bidcorp Food Africa

André is a consummate professional, when coaching, he anticipates your needs and you can comfortably tap into his year’s of experience and extensive knowledge base. I unreservedly recommend him to my clients and have partnered with André, in my business, on many different levels.

Gärdé Goosen

Head of Legal Recruitment, AGC LEGAL RECRUITMENT

Dr. André Smuts has from January 2020 to date worked on leadership development for South African Township retail Network Holding (Pty) limited of which the results are indisputably empowering and added strategic value to management. I Therefore have no reservation to recommend Dr. Smuts for his methodic process to offer real solution to similar challenges our company leadership was faced with.

Joshua Ramme

Executive Officer, For and on behalf of South African Township Retail Network Holdings [Pty) Ltd

Dr André Smuts was contracted to assist the Crown Food Group in conducting a Conflict Intervention and Conflict Resolution process at board level as well as a Cultural Mapping of the organization and Transformation program. On successful completion of this mandate , Dr Smuts then assisted in the process of transformation and restructuring the organization by providing further learnings from the cultural mapping exercise.

His professional and unbiased approach was clearly evident throughout this process not withstanding that he was facilitating on behalf of the Bidcorp Holding Group on the corporate level as well as sensitive personnel matters on the other and his credibility and integrity in both instances was beyond reproach. As a result of the success he achieved through this process , his services were then extended to assist the organization in developing a vision and strategy to augment the revised structure .

His role included a communication program through which the new structure was clearly mapped out for the staff and he facilitated the initiation of new culture development process which is evolving from his interventions. This was supported by an Elective Leadership Learnership Campaign with professional growth mentoring aligning the management and staff with the vision and strategy of the group. It is with sincerity and gratitude that I can highly recommend Dr Smuts and dealing with such matters and wish him success in his endeavours.

John Morris

Managing Director, Crown Food Group

Dr Andre Smuts was most professional and helpful in assisting me with a difficult business problem with staff by guiding me through the process of first understanding the different archetypes of my staff and then how to interact with them in order to get the best results.

Peter Nordejee (MBA)

Marketing & e-Commerce Executive at Crown Food Group

Having the Integral archetypal measure test done by Andre was a breath of fresh air. Expecting the usual results of which side of the brain you are predominant in….this is completely a new test with astounding and more informative results. Moreover, the value add of this report and feedback from Andre was so in-depth and now provides more clarity on my personality, strong and weak points. Moreover, Andre directed advised and provided guidance on how to apply tools and methods on how to fully utilize my strengths in my personal life as well as in the corporate environment. Andre is a leader in his field and his passion for helping individuals grasping, understanding and making full use of their inner “blueprint” is remarkable. Thank you Andre

Marike Olivier

Associate Portfolio Manager at South African Reserve Bank

Andre is diplomatic and energetic in his dealings with others. His clients usually become close friends Andre is a scholar and teacher with a vast range of topics to discuss. He has a natural ability to capture any audience and manages to keep the interest of all with discussions about matters of interest. I wish Andre the best of luck in his business as a trainer – he has the ability to keep audiences in their chairs and hanging on to his lips. This is his born profession.

Hanneli Hartzenberg

Technical Recruitment Consultant at BLU a division of Adcorp Workforce Solutions

Highly intelligent, a great motivator and adds a huge amount of value to the business.

Lance Jonas

National Sales Manager Pernod Ricard

I regard Andre as highly intelligent and creative. His diverse experience and persona make him one of the most interesting people I know. He has a deep understanding of the value systems of modern society and is personable, easy-going and genuine. 

Julian Hibbert

Director Of Business Development

Andre has been instrumental in providing us with services related to business opportunity(market) analysis, as well as technical writing. He was extremely thorough, and always brought to the table just the right mixture of intellectualism and professional experience, always humble but knowledgeable and absolute pleasure to work with.


Johan Van Zijl

Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The coaching provided by Dr Andre Smuts made me more valuable to my organisation by developing and enhancing my skills, both professionally and personally. By being interested in the growth of my staff, with coaching, I showed them that I care about their progress. This increased their loyalty and commitment to their work. It also assisted me in working with my employees to make decisions, solve problems and develop skills. These relationships not only benefit me but the company as a whole by creating a more independent and efficient workforce.


Andries Smit

Managing Director Benir Projects

Andre is one of those rare people that you find on your journey that will always be remembered for their contribution in your life and the value-ad to the business. Thrifa and Andre has contributed to enhance the efficiency, understanding and the positioning of the business but also on a very personal level to my own growth and development.  Thank you Andre and may we still journey for many years to come.



Adv. Heinrich Odendaal

 CEO of Creation Capital – an influential Finance House born in Africa.   

When I met Andre the first time, knew that from all people I’ve met before, he had something I’ve never seen in anyone else. I couldn’t put my finger on it right then, but as I came to know him better, I realized that it was not just his tremendous knowledge, but his humility that made him ‘different’. In my eyes, he has all the right to boast about himself and his achievements, yet these achievements somehow humbles him. When you title a journal entry ‘Fucked up’, you realize you need help, and that is exactly what happened to me. After an entry with this title, I called on Andre for some help as I realized my own thinking has become my worst enemy. Thanks to technology, we could meet online. Within a very short time, Andre picked up on my ‘issuesand helped me change my thinking, and my life 

The Thrifa Application which he wrote himself, has become such a valuable piece of Armour that I can refer to at any time. I believe that it will soon become a popular ‘CEO’s self help Manuel’ as it is loaded with valuable information, assessments, tools, etc. Thank you Andre for your help on this great journey we call life. Thys. 

Mathys Nortje

Owner - La Vue Guest Lodge

I learned a lot about both my team and myself.

What stood out the most for me was learning about the different archetypes that we all have and how our characteristics impact how we face everyday interactions with people both socially and professionally based on our natural instincts.

My favourite revelation was the fact that my happiness lies in the joy of achievement which is true on so many levels of my life. Given enough time and resources, I believe I can achieve any goal.

The exercise that we did at the end when we each listed the values that we see in other people made me realise that the combined values of our team are very powerful and that if we each strive to live up to those values, our team will be undoubtedly proficient and productive.

Amanda Mapiyeye

Debtors and Creditors Clerk - Affinity Health

The session was very insightful and thought-provoking. It highlighted many character traits that I knew of and some that I didn’t know I had. I also learnt a lot more about my colleagues. The session also emphasized the following to me:

How to remain calm in certain situations

How to say NO in circumstances

How to deal with colleagues in  highly charged scenarios

The session also indicated how we all have different personalities no matter how similar we think we are to our team members and how we react differently to situations. The session also highlighted that I need to take more responsibility and how to perform better in the team dynamic so we can achieve our goals. I really enjoyed the session as Dr Smuts made it fun and interactive.

Farhana Kolia

Accounts Payable - Affinity Health

I found it very insightful especially regarding myself and my personality towards work.  It definitely gave me quite a bit to think about and reflect on.

I enjoyed learning about all the dynamics that affect the team as well as my individual personality and attitude.

I truly appreciate the opportunity and thank  Dr Smuts for his time and effort in this regard.

Debra-Leigh Murray

Creditors Clerk -Affinity Funeral

I learned a lot about myself as well as a lot about every team member.

I learned about my strong points as well as the things that I can improve on for my personal and career development.

I also now know exactly what is expected from me and what procedures to follow – I know what is expected from each individual in regards with performance and duties.

I also know A LOT more about algorithms and how everything in life is an algorithm and that change should start there.

Kaelynn Swart

Creditors Clerk -Affinity Health

I would like to thank you for your insights, wisdom and support provided, since we first engaged in June 2021.

It was really heartening, and much needed, to hear how clear and objectively accurate your insights were formed in such a short period of assessment time (June-July 2021).  Throughout the whole process, you kept your observations objective and balanced, yet communicated it with tact and empathy (heart) – thank you.  Even though you were under no obligation to do so, you also provided much needed support and representation – both of which carried me through the last year.  You communication style – and humour! – created an environment to open up and bring sensitive issues to light.  Especially if one considers that all our sessions were via remote Video Conferencing (Zoom, Teams).

Your skill in adapting to – and connecting with – any audience, combined with your vast knowledge and variety of experiences, make you a valuable asset to any, and size, of organisation.

It was a privilege to have shared the last year with you, something I am very grateful for.  You’ve influenced my thoughts and behaviour, thanks.

Hannes Truter

IT Business Analyst and Projects

I’ve learnt that through the concept of Archetypes, everyone has their own unique character and behavior and also taught me how I shouldn’t be too quick to judge people not knowing what could be the universe’s response towards me.

A lot of factors and hidden talents were revealed, which made me realize that there’s a variety of career paths I can always choose from in case I need to go the extra mile.

Throughout everything, it was a nice and interesting training session and I strongly believe we’ll gain a lot of growth as a team if we do it more often 

Sifiso Sibanyoni –

Assistant Asset Controller -Affinity Health

I started a new position as Financial Manager.

When I joined, I inherited a team that recently split and also combined teams that used to work separately.

My new team had many new challenges to face with a group that were bewildered, here was a lot of insecurity and did not know what to do.

My directive was to clean-up procedures, improve the department and build a new team.

I decided to enlist the services of Dr Smuts to assist me with the team and guide me to a better understanding of their values and behaviour, so as to build a new strong unit and how to manage the individuals and team

I also needed help to educate them on our way forward as a group and how we will behave as a department.

We did the Assessments and Dr Smuts assisted me to understand my team:

Whether their current rolls work for them and the team.

Who to approach

How they would work together

How they see their current reality.

This had a massive impact on morale but more importantly productivity.

After our team session and Dr Smuts’s educating us on the current way, how we operate and helping me explain where we are going and why. Was a massive eye-opener to us all.

As a team we are much more cohesive, effective and very much driven to embrace the changes, understanding each other and the goals.

My team has done a complete 360,

I would recommend and suggest this for any team, dealing with conflict, change and other strategic change initiatives.

I could deal with the technical, but without Dr Smuts’s involvement, I would not have been able to include and encourage the individuals to have such remarkable buy-in.

This Change has had an impact wider than just my team, improving relationship, effectiveness and communication throughout the whole company/

Mari Smuts

Financial Manager - Affinity Health

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